Analytics Platform of New Possibilities

Spatial mobility analyses with the use of microlocalisation

Beaconify is a soft and hardware solution that helps to analyse spatial mobility of objects and people. The solution records transmitters movements and gains data in defined locations, such as warehouses, office buildings, museums and shops as well as the area of fares or mass events. Collected data can be interpreted in various ways with the use of available analytics tools as well as external tools – data can be exported. Innovative Plug&Play implementation allows lunching the system without building a complicated IT infrastructure. Take advantages of beacons – analytics tool of the future is at your disposal.

Easy Start – Do It Right Now!

After creating your account you will be given a start pack. It includes given number of transmitters (beacons) as well as access to the application. Next steps should be performed in the application – performing only first two is enough to start.

  1. Upload the localisation map. You will place the transmitters here. The best would be building plans, but even a simple sketch is enough. Make sure you record distances well.
  2. Use mobile app or internet browser to point places were the transmitters are
  3. Now just… wait. Collect data – keep the system working for at least few hours or preferably whole day.
  4. When the first data is visible in the system, you will be able to analyse it. Go through charts, logs and tabs. You can export data and use it in external tools.
  5. Do you want more? Use API to extend possibilities of our solution. There are no limitations here.
Beaconify app

Why Is It Worth?
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    Gain knowledge about behaviour of your clients and employees. Check if you use your space effectively.

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    Use the data to increase your marketing possibilities – e.g. inform about special offers only the clients who visit your shop regularly.

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    You don’t need any knowledge or experience to start. It’ll take you just a few minutes to get the system going.

How Much?

Are you interested in Beaconify? Do you want to learn costs of its implementation in your company? Leave your telephone number. We will contact you and prepare an individual quotation.

We provide a comprehensive solution – application as well as equipment. We will train your employees and answer all questions.

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Beaconify was designed by inSolutions. The company has worked on Polish software market since 2005. inSolutions distributes software and is a partner of companies such as InsERT, COMARCH, Microsoft. It also designs proprietary business software.

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